About Our Founder

Dedicated Excellence in Music Career.

Our founder and CEO Naftali Korir is a bachelor’s degree holder in Music from Volda University College in Norway. He plays the trombone, piano, guitar, bass guitar, drums, trumpet, recorder, and voice. Further, he also holds a master’s degree in Public Planning and Leadership from Volda University College in Norway. Mr. Korir has written over 11 music workbooks that are currently being used by learners in the instruction of music theory. He is passionate about providing world class music instruction to pupils and raising well-seasoned musicians in our society. His passion in music was ignited during his high school years at Kabarak High School where he was the leader of the school band. He later joined the university to pursue a degree in music. He has over 10 years experience teaching music and instructing on musical instruments. He has worked as an instructor in schools with different curricula: Riara School (8.4.4/ CBC), St. Austins Academy (IGCSE), St. Christopher’s International school (IGCSE) and Aspøy Skole (Norwegian Curriculum) among others. He has also written a hymnal with over 280 songs translated to Kalenjin with over 5,000 copies sold.
Our History

More than just Books.

Hummingbird Musikk Limited is incorporated under the Companies ACT,2015, and the Company is a private limited company. The company is a music production company specializing in nurturing young talent in technology, creatives/arts, and heritage through the utilization of the current entertainment business opportunities offered through digital satellite music services, the internet, as well as within the middle marketplace of the music industry and consumer venue. The focus in developing musical talent through the development of learning material and music instrument instructions. The firm is in the process of setting up a state-of-the-art creative centre at Konza Technopolis to support talent naturing and exposure.

The original version of 'The White Mountains' was probably just about worth publishing.

How we do it

The Start of your Jouney.

Step by step guide to your future.


Learners are informed of the program. Humming Bird team will come to the school for a showcase and trial lesson in the first week of the term

Consent letter

Send an introductory letter and consent form to the parents. The letter gives parents a short introduction to the program.


Interested students to bring back the consent forms and enrol for the lessons. Only those who enrol will be allowed in the music class.


The classes will commence as soon as the timetable is settled. All enrolled students will be expected to attend the lessons without fail. Consistency brings results.


Your take home

Come equipped with enthusiasm to learn and go back ready and confident

1. Professionalism
  • All our teachers are music graduates.
  • Experience in handling pupils of all ages and abilities.
  • Familiar with child protection policies and code of conduct.
2. Talent Development
  • Our mandate is to develop and nurture pupil’s talent through music.
  • We strive to offer pupils an opportunity to develop self-esteem, discipline, resillience and other positive attributes
3. Entertainment
  • We aim to stimulate production of quality music performances.
  • They can be presented during school functions.
  • Use to market the school.

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