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Elementary Music Work Book.

A Detailed Guide By Naftali Korir

Hummingbird Musikk Limited is a music company that aims to grow music in Kenya through training, music production, access to music learning materials and musical instruments.

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Dedicated Excellence in Ensuring Discovery of Talent.

We have a team of professionals and dedicated instructors who have vast experience in instruction on the various musical instruments. We strive to create learner- centred enjoyment and mastery of musical instruments among pupils in primary and secondary schools. We provide all the necessary equipment and instructors.
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Dr. McLean Sibanda

Experienced Professional and C-Suite Executive with a demonstrated history of working in the investment management, science and technology, intellectual property, innovation, incubation, start-up industries and infrastructure development in Africa. A dedicated professional and thought leader skilled in Infrastructure Development, Strategic Turnaround, Analytical Skills, Innovation and Science Parks Management, and Patent Law. A leading voice on role of intellectual property, innovation, entrepreneurship and infrastructure as drivers for a prosperous Africa. A published author of the book “Nuts and Bolts”

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  • Give learners access to musical instruments
  • Training offered by qualified music instructors
  • Give learners practical Music exposure to complement theory
  • Instruction on musical instruments
  • Equipped mobile music classroom.
  • Trained music Instructors
  • Tailor-made instruction for learners Affordable program.
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The work books are designed to give simple and detailed music theory guidance to learners in a stepwise manner. A child as young as 5 years old can use the first Grade book. The books also prepare learners who wish to pursue a career in music and those preparing for IGCSE year 11 music. The concepts in music theory are explained and enough exercises are given. Learners can write on the book. This also enables the learners and teachers to track progress.

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Naftali Korir

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